33950 Teeth Whitening

33950 Teeth Whitening

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The knowledge that we offer outstanding, effective, safe teeth whitening treatment here at Cayo Costa Dental is only of interest if you have reasons for needing it. And with all of the ways that teeth can become stained, discolored, or dull, there is typically no shortage of those reasons. You don’t have to be a victim to the factors that rob you of the smile you want and deserve.

Tobacco is without a doubt the top reason for getting out 33950 teeth whitening. The reason we don’t just mention smoking is because it is not the delivery method, but the item itself that is the cause. Vaping, whatever benefits it may have in other ways, has none when it comes to the effects on your tooth color. Yellow and even brown are what can typically be expected if you are a regular user of tobacco. Coffee and tea are high on the list, as well. You may be one of the millions who begin their day with one of these beverages, and thanks to the popularity of iced teas and coffees, and all kinds of designer drinks made with them, the impact on tooth whiteness has become even more noticeable. Other foods and drinks to be aware of are wine (even white wine), cola, berries (most kinds), some varieties of hard candy, soy sauce, and curry. This is not a complete list, of course. And even tetracycline, a common prescription drug, can have effects that lead you to our 33950 teeth whitening. Your tooth enamel naturally wears down as you age, too. And because of that, the duller tissue beneath becomes more visible.

Treat yourself to our 33950 teeth whitening. Simply reach out to our office now and arrange an appointment to come in. With in-office and take-home options, you’ll be able to feel comfortable and have your preferences met.

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