Punta Gorda root canal

Punta Gorda Root Canal

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You’ll need root canal therapy for a tooth that has been infected. And there’s no reason to be nervous because we at Cayo Costa Dental, we can assure you that there is little or even no pain when you have the treatment done here. So you can breathe easy, and move forward with this non-surgical procedure that is designed to save your tooth and keep it viable and strong for years to come.

The signs that you might need our Punta Gorda root canal include pain, which can be mild (especially at first) to excruciating. Chewing with the tooth or applying pressure to it tends to make the pain worse. And if you eat or drink anything hot or cold, you’re likely to notice sensitivity. Gum tenderness and/or tooth discoloration are also possible. The underlying cause is often a large cavity, loose or lost filling, or a chipped or fractured tooth. That’s because your tooth’s protective barriers, the enamel and dentin layers, become breached, thereby allowing bacteria to get inside. It’s important to get prompt attention, because delaying can lead to severe enough damage to make our Punta Gorda root canal ineffective. If that happens, you’ll end up having your tooth extracted. And that leaves you with empty space, the chance of shifting teeth and/or misaligned jaws, and the time and cost involved in replacing it. With a usual success rate of about 90%, there is every reason to turn to root canal therapy as the treatment of choice. Depending on the tooth in question, it may take more than one session to complete. When the tooth fully heals, a dental crown is added to restore full size and function.

Call us immediately to arrange an appointment if your symptoms lead you to think you need our Punta Gorda root canal. We will have you seen at the earliest possible opportunity for evaluation and treatment.

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